River Rafting

Colorado River and Grand Canyon River Rafting

Undoubtedly, river rafting is considered as one of the most adventurous and thrilling water sport activities. Going on a river rafting trip is quite an unforgettable adventure. But it is important to know that rapids and sections of whitewater are generally rated based on their difficulty to navigate.
Colorado River and Trail Expeditions presents a very informative and creative Infographic titled Colorado River and Grand Canyon River Rafting. The whole infographic is segregated into two sections.
The first section throws light on and demonstrates various types of rapids basis their difficulty levels as per International Scale of River Difficulty. The rapids range from Class I – VI and have waves, rocks and other obstacles that make the trip more adventurous. Class I rapids have small waves; Class II rapids have few rocks and requires you to know basic paddling; Class III rapids boast of irregular waves and rocky passages; Class IV rapids have powerful waves and are heavily obstructed; Class V rapids have violent steep current and are extremely obstructed; and Class VI rapids are the most dangerous one.
The second section depicts the top 10 whitewater rafting destinations in the US and their difficulty levels. According to the infographic, the Grand Canyon is ranked as the best destination for whitewater rafting. Alsek River grabs the number 2 position in the chart shown in the infographic.
The rivers mentioned in the chart are meant for every age and boast of rapids which range from Class I meant for beginners to Class VI, meant solely for experts. These let you experience the wild side of the nature and water. River rafting is thus a perfect water sport that can also help in enhancing the team spirit and lets you enjoy a new adventure whenever you go for river rafting with your friends.

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