Gunnison River

Conditions : Gunnison River (Upper from Almont to Blue Mesa) – Tuesday’s flow was 2,170 cfs, down considerably from last week but still high for the date. Weighted nymphs and streamer flies, as well as spinners, can be productive. Floating fishermen have had some success on dry flies, including caddis and green-drake imitators.Gunnison River (through the canyon) – Fishing conditions on the Gunnison are very good from Chukar Trail to the North Fork of the Gunnison. The flow in the Gunnison Gorge is down to 1,440 cfs. Fish the high water by working the back side of runs. Fishing activity is all on top of the water now. Stoneflies are out in all their glory. Golden stone, Yellow Sally and salmon fly nymphs are effective. Red egg patterns and caddis have been the most-used flies the past few days. The North Fork is not low enough to wade. A commercial shuttle/return-boat service is available through the Pleasure Park. Looking to start fishing and get fly patterns down. Go ahead and purchase a fishing kayak for a good top 100 list of the best fishing kayaks click the link.

Gunnison River (below Crystal Dam) – Flows are 1,440 cfs and a little murkier than the normal Gunnison green. Last week was “anything green;” this week we have a bonus: big stoneflies have flown upstream to the portal and are flying around. Not many egg layers are on the water, so plan to use tried and true patterns like Woolly Buggers, egg patterns, scuds(orange & green), GB Poxy Back Biot stones, GB Princes, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails and Flash back PTs, 20-Inchers and Halfbacks. In the lower reaches of the national park you can still find fish taking stones, but it’s winding down.

Reported by: Colorado D.O.W

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The Gunnison River during a nice clear day